�� Fake watches store-The big selling point of high-end replica watches is superb workmanship

The big selling point of high-end replica watches is superb workmanship

Counterfeit watches are becoming more and more rampant in the market. Some counterfeit craftsmanship is already well established, and it is really difficult for non-experts to recognize them. Most of the fake watches craftsmanship are relatively rough and far less than real replica watches. A big selling point is the superb workmanship. The technology of ordinary workshops is completely inferior to that of major watch manufacturers, but fake watches still survive well.

Price may be the main reason for the survival of fake watches. The price of a fake watch is usually very cheap. You may be able to buy a "Rolex" or "Patek Philippe" that should be worth tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for only a few hundred or one to two thousand yuan. ". Some people who like watches are actually more obsessed with famous brands and are unwilling to spend a big price on a genuine watch. In their opinion, it is the same to wear, it doesn't matter if the fake one is worn, just look at it and watch the time (some even say "My fake watch is more expensive than your real watch!"). Why not buy a "world famous watch" for only such a small amount of money? .

In fact, in addition to the beauty (the brand-name effect and the confusing appearance can really fascinate many people for a while) and the "advantages" of cheap prices, the biggest and most core feature hidden behind the fake watch-poor quality. Regardless of the craftsmanship or the movement, due to the cost, it can't be compared with the real watch, at most it can only be similar in shape. In fact, it is not worth the price. The purchaser can only have one result in the end: being deceived, willing to be deceived, and finally deceived-the fake watch will be full of problems after being used for a period of time, and the functions that look like a fake watch cannot be used at all!

Good face and satisfying vanity have also become one of the reasons why many people buy fake watches. I see friends around me, buy a house, buy a car, buy a car. So jealous, but the price of houses and cars is too high, relatively speaking, only watches are cheaper. Seeing tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of famous replica watches uk in front of them, looking at the not-so-bulging wallets, they hesitated again and simply bought a fake one. There were not many people who could tell anyway. In this way, I immediately placed an order at a treasure and bought a "re-engraved watch" with a Swiss movement. Putting on a fake watch, it seems to have more face. Those who don't understand will also praise a few words when they see it, which satisfies their vanity very well. With such a large number of people, the counterfeit watch market also began to "prosper".