There are many different types of strap replica watches

Buying a Montblanc watch is not as simple as buying clothes. Many people have a little understanding of the replcia Rolex when they buy a watch. They are more likely to fall into a misunderstanding. Although they are good, they are not suitable for them.

The most common metal replica watches bands on the market are mostly made of stainless steel and various precious metals. White K gold is a white alloy smelted from gold and palladium or nickel, silver, copper, zinc and other metals. Its main components are still It's gold. Since white K gold is white, it is easy to be confused with platinum, but it is a completely different metal from platinum.

K platinum does turn yellow, and it is also easy to turn yellow in places where it is often rubbed. This is normal. The primary color of 18K gold is golden yellow, and the white 18K gold we see is the color after electroplating. If you often come into contact with items containing chemicals (for example: skin care products, hand sanitizer, vinegar, etc.), the plating layer is likely to be corroded and reveal the original color of 18K gold. Secondly, K gold precious metals will also leave scratches due to friction, or will be squeezed and deformed. In the care, you should wipe it gently with a soft cloth, but do not use cleaning agents containing chemical components to avoid corrosion of precious metals.

There are many different types of strap replica watches, such as crocodile leather, cowhide, ostrich leather, and lizard leather. The most common straps we wear on watches should be cowhide and crocodile leather. Compared with steel belts, belts are lighter and more convenient, and appear high-end and tasteful. In addition, depending on the color of the belt, it can satisfy customers with different aesthetics, whether it is fashionable or retro.

The most taboo thing about Montblanc watch belts is water. They should not be immersed in water for a long time, which will easily cause the belts to become hard and brittle, including human sweat. So don't swim with a belt watch, take a hot bath, or go to the sauna. At the same time, long-term strong sunlight will discolor the belt surface and accelerate the aging of the cortex, so it should not be exposed to long-term sunlight. Cracks are likely to occur in the place where the watchband is often fixed. The greater the bending of the watchband, the easier it is to break, so don't pull it hard.