Steel replica watches and gold watches are easily scratched

It is light to wear, and the ceramic watch is about 60% lighter than stainless steel; it is strong and wear-resistant, and its hardness is much higher than that of metal materials. It is not easily scratched like steel and gold fake watches; the material is like jade, it does not hurt the skin and feels It is smooth and comfortable, and does not cause skin allergies. The appearance is fashionable and bright as new. It is necessary to know that traditional materials such as stainless steel are impossible to show pure black and pure white no matter how they are processed, but this is the strength of high-tech ceramics.

Although ceramic replica watches have many advantages such as excellent gloss, high hardness, no rust and no color, etc., they still have to face the brittle pain caused by high hardness. First of all, the ceramic watch is afraid of falling, and it will break easily when it touches hard things, so you should try to avoid hitting and falling during use. Second, the lipophilicity. Because of the lipophilicity of ceramic glazes, high-tech ceramics are difficult to handle once they are stained with oil, and simple wiping will not help. Third, because its texture and color are still relatively simple, it is difficult to cut and polish, and it also limits the style of the watch. It is impossible to give it various brushed polishing treatments and angular curves. The Montblanc ceramic replica watch case strap is dirty. Use a soft brush to gently brush the dirt. When it is difficult to remove the dirt, use some detergent appropriately, and finally wipe it with a soft flannel.

First of all, the rubber strap definitely has its inherent advantages. The rubber strap has better anti-wear and waterproof properties than leather, has a flexible design, and can perfectly fit the case, making it light and comfortable to wear. Secondly, the color of the rubber strap is also very rich, satisfying the choice of wearers with different preferences. Finally, because rubber is completely waterproof, it is mostly used in diving and sports replica watches, and has excellent characteristics in sweat and moisture resistance.

When rubber was first used in Montblanc replica watches, it gave people a cheap feel, not as noble and luxurious as platinum and gold. Secondly, in terms of material, rubber is very prone to aging. Strong sunlight or oxidation can easily cause rubber to crack, stick, harden, soften, and change color. When wearing a rubber strap, you need to pay attention to the connecting part and avoid pulling it vigorously. In addition, when cleaning the silicone strap, it is often necessary to wipe it with a soft cloth to remove some hard dust particles to prevent it from scratching the surface of the silicone to produce small cracks, which can also effectively extend the life of the strap.